Since we are breeders of Persians & Exotics most of the pictures are of these breeds.

FIFe Show, september 2012, Gothenburg, Sweden
FIFe Scandinavian Winner Show 2012, Norway
CFA show, april 2012, Solna, Sweden
FIFe show,september 2011, Eskilstuna, Sweden
FIFe show, april 2011, Nykoping, Sweden
FIFe show, april 2011, Hallstahammar, Sweden
CFA show, august 2010, Jaerna, Sweden
FIFe show, february 2010, Nykoping, Sweden
CFA show, january 2010, Kassel, Germany
FIFe Show, january 2010, Oerebro, Sweden
CFA show, november 2009, Swedish Cat Paws, Moelndal, Sweden
FIFe World Show 2009, St Gallen Switzerland
FIFe Scandinavian Winner Show 2009, Sweden
FIFe Show, september 2009, Eskilstuna, Sweden
FIFe Show, august 2009, Vaesterhaninge, Sweden
FIFe Show, july 2009, Vaesterhaninge, Sweden
FIFe show, june 2009, Uppsala, Sweden
FIFe show, june 2009, Oerebro, Sweden

FIFe show, may 2009, Maersta, Sweden

CFA show, may 9 2009, Fyfe and Drum Himalayan Club, Plymouth Meeting, USA
FIFe show, april 2009, Vaesteraas, Sweden
CFA International Show 2008 in Atlanta, USA
FIFe show, november 2008, Gaevle, Sweden
FIFe show, september 2008, Borlaenge, Sweden
CFA show, march 2008, Filderstadt, Germany
FIFe show, march 2008, Stockholm, Sweden
CFA show, march 2008, Rotterdam, Netherlands
FIFe show, february 2008, Nykoping, Sweden
CFA show, january 2008, Kassel, Germany
CFA show, november 2007, Wijchen, Netherlands
FIFe Worldshow 2007, Bratislava, Slovakia
CFA show, july 2007, Hamm, Germany
FIFe Scandinavian Winner Show 2007, Sweden
FIFe show, may 2007, Sollentuna, Sweden
FIFe show, april 2007, Surahammar, Sweden
FIFe show, march 2007, Tierp, Sweden
CFA Show, february 2007, Zandvliet, Belgium
FIFe show, january 2007, Oerebro, Sweden
 CFA International Show 2006 in San Mateo, CA
FIFe Worldshow 2006 in Maastricht, Netherlands
FIFe show, Norrkoeping, Sweden
FIFe show, Borlaenge, Sweden
FIFe show, Eskilstuna, Sweden
FIFe Scandinavian Winner Show 2006, Norway
FIFe show, Arboga, Sweden
FIFe show, Vallentuna, Sweden
FIFe Worldshow 2005, Biella, Italy
FIFe Worldshow 2004, Vienna, Austria
Updated 13th of october 2012